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Animal Golf


  • The world's most popular on-course betting game now reduced to just £5.95

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Animal Golf® is the original on-course betting game. Hugely popular in America, it’s sure to become a big hit with British golfers!

Animal Golf® is the original on-course betting game that rewards golfers for avoiding course hazards and pitfalls! Now the world's most popular on-course wagering game, it’s hugely popular in the USA with over 100,000 games sold.

Suitable for all ages and skill levels the objective of playing Animal Golf®, out on the course, is to help golfers have more fun, promote good play and avoid course hazards or pitfalls. The game has penalties for unlucky play and rewards for good play. And it contains the most comprehensive set of situations conceivable.

How it works :  Animal Golf® is typically played as a wagering game amongst a foursome teeing off together. A player receives an Animal Golf® Game Tag(s) any time he or she makes an unlucky golf stroke that matches one or more of the twelve situations described on the Tags. Players agree on the penalty value of each Animal Golf® Game Tag before beginning play. Value the game tags using money, a round of drinks or anything you decide. Each tag is pictorially represented by an animal (yes, it’s a jungle out there) and Game Tags can be unloaded by passing them onto the next player that incurs the same bad luck, or as a reward for a well-played hole. Players holding the fewest Game Tags at the end of the round win the game!

  • The Game Tags match the 12 major hazards associated with the game of golf:
  • The Gorilla.... it's yours if you whack your ball out-of-bounds
  • The Frog.... you've got it when you land in a water hazard
  • The Camel.... find a sand trap and you’ve earned it
  • The Snake.... clip it to your bag if you 3-putt a green
  • The Turtle.... for a tee shot short of the ladies' tee (men) or short of the fairway (ladies)
  • The Duck.... for that massive hook or slice
  • The Armadillo.... for a bounce or ricochet off cart path, rock, or other solid object
  • The Woodpecker.... hit a tree, house, fence or other wooden object
  • The Alligator.... the unplayable lie
  • The Gopher.... the lost ball
  • The Chicken.... for leaving your putt short
  • The Skunk.... excessive strokes: triple bogey or higher

Player Comments "We don't play golf without playing Animal Golf!" "...easy, fun and outrageous at times." "...we laughed so much, we had tears in our eyes." Add a totally new dimension to the game of golf with Animal Golf®. It’s also the perfect gift for your golfing relatives, partners or friends.

Available now at just £5.95 inc VAT, postage and packing (to mainland UK addresses).

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